Twitter Introduces new and improved version of TweetDeck

Twitter made a significant announcement about the introduction of an upgraded edition of  TweetDeck, marking a notable milestone in the platform's evolution. As Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk and twitter support, TweetDeck changes will reflect in 30 days to become a Verified-only feature which will require a Twitter Blue subscription for access. It remains uncertain as to the precise schedule for this transition, whether it will encompass all users by early August or if a 30-day trial period will be offered for the revamped TweetDeck experience.

Here are some key points:

A sign-on flow that helps you set up your TweetDeck experience the way you’d like to. You can also include existing columns from the standard TweetDeck version in your TweetDeck Preview experience. 

The inclusion of a versatile Tweet composer within the updated TweetDeck allows users to effortlessly craft threaded messages, incorporating a wide range of multimedia elements such as photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and emojis, while also providing the option to schedule Tweets for future publication.

Advanced search helps you find the content. Decks provide an efficient solution for users to categorize their columns into organized groups, facilitating cleaner and more streamlined workspaces that enhance productivity.

A Column Creator help to create column types like profile, topics, explore, events, moments, and bookmarks.  Also includes the ability to “Search Twitter” from within the column. 

With the implementation of Video Docking, users can now seamlessly multitask on TweetDeck by enjoying uninterrupted video playback while simultaneously engaging with content in the same column and effortlessly switching between different Decks.

The new TweetDeck version offers users the flexibility to choose their preferred tweet order, enabling them to either prioritize viewing top Tweets or opt for the latest Tweets to appear first in their feed. 

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