How to Disable or Remove Google AdSense Auto Ads?

 Sometimes you noticed some AdSense Ads appearing randomly on web pages and most of the Ads are below the navigation menu of your website. Google AdSense Auto ads are the most common reason for unwanted ads below navigation or sidebars.

When Auto Ads are enabled, it places banners fully automatically and randomly. So you might sometimes see an ad below the navigation menu and sometimes other positions on your site.

Since Oct 2019, Google AdSense can inject Auto Ads on every website, that contains AdSense ad unit code. Now you have to configure your settings for Auto Ads directly in your AdSense account. If you inject your AdSense ads manually, you can still benefit from other AdSense features.

Here are the steps to Disable Adsense Auto Ads:

1. Sign in to your Adsense Account

2. Go to Ads menu » Overview

3. Now you will see three options on the Overview page » Select By Site Option

4. Check all your sites listed below. Click on the pencil icon at the right to open the edit screen.

5. Uncheck or Toggle (OFF) Auto ads option mentioned in Site Settings

6. Click Apply to Site.

7. Confirm the status change. Now, when you go to the list of websites, the status should have changed for that site in the Auto Ads column. Sometime Adsense may take 15-20 minutes.

If you still have Ads displaying on your site even after disabling the auto ads, either wait for 15-20 minutes or check if you have placed auto ads code on <head> section and removed it completely.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

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