Martin Lewis Warns: Beware of Deepfake Scam Online

Martin Lewis, a consumer finance specialist, has warned that online deepfake fraud adverts could cause vulnerable people to lose money.

The viral Facebook advertisement shows Mr. Lewis endorsing an Elon Musk-backed investment plan in a video shot at his house. However, the clip was created by AI, which used deepfake technology to mimic the expert's voice and face using already-existing video and audio.

Martin Lewis tweeted



What is Deepfake

A deepfake is a sort of fake media that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to make videos and images that are highly realistic. "Deepfake" is a mix of "deep learning" and "fake."

Deepfakes use algorithms to examine and modify already-existing pictures, videos, or audio recordings of a person before superimposing or swapping out their features with those of another person. It might be challenging to distinguish between authentic and altered content because these algorithms can produce quite convincing results.

As deepfake technology advances, so does the need for better detection methods and legislation to protect individuals from the potential harm caused by its misuse.

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