ChatGPT's Unexpected 10% Traffic Decrease in June

From May to June, ChatGPT, a well-known artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, had a decrease in global traffic. With a drop roughly 10%, ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is losing users as per data estimates from the traffic analytics platform Similarweb. It's still unclear, though, if tech companies investing heavily in chatbots should be concerned about a 10% drop in ChatGPT users during a single summer month.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Problematic Concerns

It is undeniable that governments all over the world are increasing their pressure on chatbot creators like OpenAI and Google to lessen the adverse consequences of new technologies. Due to this pressure, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions such as ChatGPT now have safeguards in place that stop chatbots from responding to prompts with problematic content such as incorrect information, harmful instructions, biased perspectives, or hateful content.

Earlier this year, ChatGPT broke the record for having the fastest-growing user base. Perhaps all that ChatGPT gained was from rising user adoption rates. Meta launched Threads this week, a competitor to Twitter. The fastest-growing consumer app, Threads quickly overtook ChatGPT's record. ChatGPT reached 100 million users in just two months, whilst Threads reached 70 million users in just two days as per reports.

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