Apple Clears Out Risky Loan Apps in India

The Indian App Store of Apple has just been cleared of various predatory loan apps. These apps were discovered to employ dishonest business practises, including impersonating financial institutions, charging high fees, and threatening borrowers for repayment. Surprisingly, these apps have been appearing on the app store's list of the best finance apps.

The apps that were removed included Pocket Kash, White Kash, Golden Kash, and OK Rupee. These platforms offered quick loans to individuals and then try unethical methods that lenders use to pressure debtors into repayment. Some users claimed to have received messages threatening to reveal their loan status to their connections if they didn't make their payments on time and included personal images and contact information. 

Even though Apple has prohibited and removed these apps from the App Store, they may still have been downloaded and installed on your iPhone. If your iPhone still has these apps loaded, remove them immediately even though they are no longer supported by the platform. Never download an app that you are unfamiliar with, as well.

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