How To Fix Sublime Text Autocomplete Not Working

 Autocomplete is a very useful Sublime Text feature. The program uses your input to create a database of word combinations and strings that you frequently use. When it detects you are about to use a string you used before, Sublime Text displays the corresponding autocomplete suggestions. But sometimes, autocomplete suggestions may not be available in Sublime Text. This guide brings you four potential solutions to help you solve this problem.

Tweaks To Fix AutoComplete Not Working Issue

1. Set autocomplete to 'True'

First of all, make sure the autocomplete feature is enabled. 

Go to Preferences > Settings. The “auto_complete”: true parameter needs to be visible in your settings.

If you have a syntax-specific settings file with the auto_complete value set to false, this may explain why the feature is not working. Do check your custom CSS syntax file if you have one.

2. Change the file type to HTML

Another possible explanation as to why the Sublime Text autocomplete feature is not working involves your file type settings.

If your file type is set to plain text, you need to change it to HTML in order to restore the autocomplete functionality.

3. Tweak your auto_complete_selector settings

Alternatively, you can also try to add the following string to Preferences > Settings – User file: “auto_complete_selector”: “source, text”,

Another users utilized the following string to re-enable autocomplete in Sublime Text: “auto_complete_selector”: “text, comment, string, meta.tag – punctuation.definition.tag.begin, source – comment – string.quoted.double.block – string.quoted.single.block – string.unquoted.heredoc”

4. Manually display autocomplete suggestions

Another workaround is to manually display the autocomplete suggestions by pressing CTRL + Space to show the completion popup.

And these are the methods to restore the autocomplete functionality in Sublime Text.

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