Excluding Internal WordPress Traffic in Google Analytics

 If you’re using Elementor, you should exclude its preview mode by using the value \?(p=.|elementor-preview=|.preview=true) in your exclusion rule.

Here are the steps to create a simple ‘Custom Filter’.

  1. To create a filter, navigate to your Analytics Admin page.
  2. Select the relevant Account, Property, and View
  3. Under the View column, click on ‘Filters’
  4. Click ‘Add Filter’
  5. Give the filter a descriptive name, e.g. ‘Exclude My Internal Traffic’
  6. Select the Filter Type ‘Custom’
  7. Set the type to ‘Exclude’
  8. Set the Filter Field to ‘Request URI’
  9. Paste in the value \?(p=.*|preview=true)
  10. Save the filter

Here are some more filter examples:



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